Psychological benefits of Faux Plants at Workspaces

There’s no doubt that being around real plants and flowers has innumerable benefits but having faux plants and flowers around has its own perks too. This covid pandemic has been the most difficult time of our lives. While we were trapped in our houses, the plants and flowers at our office spaces dried and eventually died. We had been taking care of those plants and watering them daily, seeing them die like this was heart wrecking.

That’s when having faux plants become a boon.

customised faux greenwall in an office

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Psychologists say that the green colour calms us down, it helps us to reduce stress and anxiety. We all know that stress and anxiety are integral parts of a workspace. If having greens around results in stress and anxiety reduction then why not go for it?


Acts as a Dose of Tranquility

Green falls under the cool colours category. In colour psychology, green colour represents tranquility.
Workspaces are filled with all the hustle and bustle of meeting targets and deadlines. Many times we miss out on things due to the rush and hassle that is going on around us.

Being surrounded by a dash of tranquility helps us to relax, stay focused and work with a calm mindset.

artificial creepers in an office space

Boosts Creativity

Studies have shown that green colour boosts creativity. People in creative fields like writing, painting, designing etc love to spend time with nature to get inspiration by observing every little thing that is present around them. We can include faux plants in office decor to bring in the inspiration rather than going out to boost the employees’ creativity.

Increases Productivity

Working at the same desk day after day might get monotonous and bring you down. Little changes and tweaks at the desk can lead to increase in productivity and boost morale.

artificial bamboo in office environment
artificial bamboos can be used in various ways in an office – creating a subtle partition and privacy as in this example

Perfect for Anthophiles

Most of us love to have flower settings at our desks because it makes us feel fresh and cheerful and results in us working with a great zeal.

But we refrain from doing it just because we are well aware of the fact that these flowers will die the next day. Faux flowers are just the thing that we need. They do not die, are easy to maintain and look just like real flowers.

Not just at the desks but installing faux plants and flowers in the hallways and cafeteria will keep employees in a good mood the entire day. And being in a good mood will mean an increase in productivity and creativity.

artificial vertical garden for offices

Spread Positive Vibes

One of the studies has shown that the colour green is associated with safety and it spreads positive energy. A ray of positive energy will definitely keep us sane even in stressful situations and excruciating deadlines.

Faux plants and flowers are easy to maintain, do not create any mess, do not require sunlight and can easily adapt to the offices which are completely air conditioned. Now that offices are finally starting after almost 18 months, it will take time for the employees to get back to the routine and get used to working from the office again.

Let us help you with the transition and to create a comfortable workspace for your employees.

At Charmi, we customize every project as per the client’s requirements.

faux plants for workspaces
faux plants and greenwalls make a good aestehtic alternative whever maintenance of live plants becomes unfeasible. 


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