Popular artificial plants for homes and offices

One of the most common questions we get asked often by our clients which we’ll try to answer in this post is this – What are the most popular/appropriate artificial plants for homes and offices?
There is no one correct answer to this.
The important things to keep in mind while selecting the right variety of artificial plants and flowers are listed here based on our years of interaction with clients looking to landscape their space.

Height of the space :
Height of a given area is a very important consideration when selecting the right kind of plant. For modern Indian apartments, clear ceiling heights are usually between 9-10 ft, with old some construction also going upto 12 ft.
Modern open offices are also low ceiling for the most part.
Midsized artificial plants from 4ft upto 7 ft would be ideal for such spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, conference cabins, workstation areas etc.

Plants suggested :

  • Artificial Rubber plant
  • Artificial Fiddle Fig Leaf
  • Artificial Ficus varieties –especially Benjamina and variegated leaves.
  • Artificial Yucca
  • Artificial Dracaena fragrans
  • Artificial Palm plant varieties such as Areca, Parlour and Raphis.

In double heighted areas such as reception areas, foyers, larger houses with heights typically over 15 ft, larger height plants can add the proportionate scale.
Plants for such spaces include Palm tree varieties – Areca palms, Multi stem Coconut palm trees and fan palms. Others include Banana tree, Gingko tree, Traveller’s palm and ficusbenjamina.

Artificial plants especially those with dense foliage like this ficus variety work well for open office layouts
Artificial plants especially those with dense foliage like this ficus variety work well for open office layouts

Structure of plant
The overall structure of a particular artificial plant also goes a long way in deciding a plant for a particular place. The spread of the foliage, the height from which the leafing starts, the shape and length of leaves etc are factors that should be considered. Leafy artificial plants with dense foliage canbe used in uncluttered and roomy places. Such plants typically include crotons, artificial schefflera, Ficusbenjamina, Artificial Rubber , Maple, Zamia etc.
For corners, niches, besides sofas we should ideally place plants which spread less but have a vertical profile. Popular artificial plant options include Philodendron varieties such as Monsterradelicosa, zanadu, Yucca, traveller’s palm, Fiddle figs etc.
Similar consideration should also be given to whether the plant is going to be places flatback –i.e with one side against a wall or in a place where it’s open from all sides, where more spreading and leafy plants would be more suited.

Generally, most artificial plants that are created to mimic their real versions are used in a particular space complimenting the furniture and theme. Depending on how much attention you want to draw towards your green corners, you can select plants accordingly.
For smaller areas of the spaces such as desks, showcases and shelves, window sills, a host of beautiful flowering varieties can be used most effectively. Popular realistic varieties include orchids (especially phalaenopsis) , lilliums, sunflowers, anthuriums, cala lily, roses , peonies bromeliads and bougainvilleas.

Artificial bougainvilleas especially can be used creatively in the form of creepers , bushes and in hanging baskets in various places.
Artificial fan palm placed at a lobby corner. The leaves of this also create beautiful shadows which can be played with in interior spaces.

An artificial customized ficus tree for an open office corner. Scale according to a space plays an important role.

Artificial Traveller’s Palm in a living room corner, here placed as a set in two planters if varying heights.

Purpose it serves in the overall design /layout
Plants can be creatively used for quite a few different functions from a design perspective making optimum use of a particular plant or tree’s structure and even colour. Monsterra varieties can be used effectively to cover unsightly pipes and plumbing for instance, at it’s a plant that needs support as it grows naturally.
We have written extensively about bamboo previously and how beautifully it can be used to create subtle partition areas, cover up awkward niches and even providing a beautiful natural looking privacy screen off where required.
Plants with very distinct large leaves can be used to offset other very distracting design elements in the space such as bright colours, furniture etc. Narrow profile plants like dracaena varieties that don’t typically spread can be effectively used for unused corners and walls.

Having said this, there is no hard and fast rule about what plants should go where. The best part about artificial plants is all are easy to maintain and clean without the hassle of upkeep and light and water issues as with live plants. What matters is what you personally like for your space as you will be the one looking at it the most often!

Blog2_Charmi_Collections_7Artificial creepers and plants at a leisure area of an open office layout. Artificial plants and creepers add a calmness and pleasant vibe to indoor spaces, very well utilized for such office spaces.



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