A primer to the world of artificial plants and flowers

Artificial lillium flower

Artificial lillium flower

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Stumbled across a beautiful flower somewhere that turned out to be an artificial replica of the live variety to your utter astonishment? Or are you still puzzled how the maple you saw in such perfect foliage manages to thrive in less than ideal conditions? Well, whether you’ve stumbled across this post and find yourself here, we’ll be sharing a little primer on the world of artificial plants and flowers.

Who we are?

We are Charmi, an artificial landscaping goods specialists located in Pune, India bursting at the seams with a dazzling variety of plants, flowers, ferns, grasses et al. for the most, artificial. We have over a decade of expertise in finely detailed and botanically accurate artificial plants, artificial flowers and greens with a curated collection of the choicest artificial plants available online in India.

As you can see, we don’t need an excuse to start talking about artificial plants and all things landscaping.

What are artificial plants?

Artificial plants, in our humble opinion are up there in the many ingenious human creative endeavors that ended up giving us sliced bread and post it notes . They are, as the name suggests, completely artificial imitations of live plants and flowers, created by processes and machines thought up by man.

So using the industrial process of die casting, molding, printing cutting and assembling, we’ve ingeniously replicated nature’s creations!

What’s the whole point of artificial plants at all?

Good question, this! Artificial plants are in No way meant to replace the function and need of nature’s bountiful creations, but in specific instances where upkeep or survivability of live plants and florals is unviable, artificial greens make for an excellent alternative. We stress on the point that its only an alternative where all else isn’t working, after all nature is the best creator!

The presence of greens and its uplifting effects for a space and our very emotions is well documented- especially in environs where the modern homo sapiens spends more of his time- in brick and mortar dwellings and work places. Artificial plants and flowers allow for a great degree of landscaping flexibility in places where live plants find it difficult to thrive.

Their very nature (non living) means they require no care and upkeep – no need to water, no need of sunlight nor any nourishment. Once arranged and placed, these typically last for years together. Hence they find major applications in interior spaces such as offices and residences. Foliage whether natural or artificial adds to the character and mood of any space and done well, especially compliments interior elements and furniture.


Don’t artificial flowers and plants look tacky and cheap?

The processes involved in the manufacturing of artificial landscaping products such as plants, flowers, grasses etc has improved dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the days of cheap bright knockoffs that made a sorry excuse of faux florals. With a lot more sophisticated machines especially in printing and new materials being used, the degree of likeness to a real plants is truly amazing. A very wide range of popular plants and flowers are now available and next to indistinguishable from their real counterparts.

Right from the colours as they are seen  in nature to the texture of their various parts such as leaves, petals, stem etc, modern day artificial plants (if chosen well!) are made with impressive  botanical accuracy.


The likeness of artificial plants and flowers have dramatically improved over the years, with artificial flowers like this orchid flower bunch next to indistinguishable to its real counterpart.

So where does one use these artificial flowers and plants?

Artificial flowers and plants abound in their sheer variety and proportions and there’s probably a solution for every imaginative space! Creatively arranging elements together is a skill that goes a long way in making a truly magnificent arrangement or landscaped area.

One can reimagine a beautiful green space in pretty much any kind of interior environment, that’s how much of a degree of flexibility artificial landscaping affords.

Check our posts on some popular landscaping ideas for residences, offices and even restaurants.

Where can I find the varieties of artificial plants and are these expensive?

Artificial plants and artificial landscaping is a broad term that encapsulates a truly wide range of artificial plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, ferns, flowers and  bamboos. These are available in various heights, distinct shapes and foliage structures.

We stock a premium range of botanically accurate artificial plants in India , carefully curated over years of landscaping work to have the best options for a number of spaces within the structure where landscaping can be effectively used. While forming a very small part of the overall budget of creating a space, artificial plants (also referred as faux plants, fake plants etc) have an outsized aesthetic impact, in elevating the overall mood of a space. Over their hassle free span of years together, artificial plants and flowers pay back manifolds. Head over to our online store for some of our more popular plants and florals.

What kind of maintenance/ are do artificial plants require?

Being non-living, artificial plants and florals do not require any of the upkeep associated with live plants such as watering, soil conditioning, pruning, sunlight, fertilizer etc. Arrange them once and they will remain so for years! In spaces where dust is an issue, one can periodically gently clean following the useful tips shared here.

Artificial succulents arranged in a ceramic vase. Artificial foliage allows for a very high degree of flexibility for arrangements

Where does one typically plant artificial plants and flowers? Are they suitable outdoors?

The wide number of species in all their distinctive colours, forms and textures allow for a very wide imaginative range of places one can use these for landscaping or complimentary design purposes. Artificial plants and floral arrangements are typically used for indoor spaces- especially those where availability of adequate natural light and other factors for upkeep of live plants are not feasible. They are also particularly good replacement for live plants where hygiene concerns (due to pests, insects etc) could arise such as Restaurants and care places such as hospitals and old age homes.

These can also be kept outdoors but it is suggested to keep them away from exposure to direct sunlight as the harsh exposure will eventually cause the leaves to fade and wilt. Although UV stabilized varieties of plants are also available to resist fading, the range is pretty limited and the costs extravagant. In the Indian market scenario and our harsh summer sun, it is best used in spaces away from direct sun exposure for a long life. Moreover dusty outdoor environments would require periodic careful cleaning  to  keep the flowers looking fresh.

What are some popular varieties of artificial plants and artificial flowers?

As mentioned earlier, the artificial landscaping technology has improved by leaps and today, numerous beautifully realistic varieties are manufactured. We have discussed popular varieties of artificial plants and flowers here. See our curated collection of the best of artificial plants online here.

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