Premium Artifical Plants, Flowers, Planters & Vertical Gardens online

Find the finest collection of premium artificial plants online in India here at Charmi. Maintenance of live plants (as much as we love them!) becomes challenging in various situations. We’re here with the next best thing- beautiful realistic artificial foliage. Our online collection of artificial plants and florals and are not only very realistic and botanically accurate but they last for years together.

Botanically accurate

You cannot tell the difference!

Premium materials

made to last years without wear

Maintenance free

no pruning, watering, fertilizing

Artificial Big floor Plants

A range of tall floor plants suitable for various indoor spaces.


Find the perfect home for your favourite plant and a great decor element for your space.

Small Plants Varieties

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Artificial plants and florals have come a long way since the time of tacky plastic imitations. At Charmi, you will find some of the finest, most realistic artificial plants online in India. Our range of plants cover a number of popular species such as artificial Croton, Ficus, Dracaena, Palm, Philodendron, Schefflera among others.

Premium materials and print ensure our artificial plants are not only realistic to the eye and touch but are also highly durable. Wherever live plants are difficult to maintain, our thoughtfully curated range of faux plants make for an excellent alternative without the additional maintenance. Find the right artificial plant for home , office or pretty much any indoor space from our online collection. For wholesale artificial plants online, or for specific project requirements you can get in touch with us at
Our customised range of online planters and pots cover a wide variety of materials such as rotoplast, FRP, concrete in an array of modern aesthetics of shape, colours and finish.
With Charmi, rest assured of a seamless service and a long lasting product, without any fake online discount baiting schemes.

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